Last week I published my SolarEdge Interface, a command-line and a Python module interface to interact with the SolarEdge API service.

In short -

  • All (documented) SolarEdge API endpoints are implemented with multisite support for endpoints that provide multisite queries.
  • Response data for all endpoints are available as a Python-dict structure; a Pandas-DataFrame or; as raw-JSON.
  • The command-line interface output can be formatted as a CSV; as a Pandas style JSON structure or; as plain-JSON.
  • Timestamps can be returned as datetime values with their respective site timezones applied. Doing so is the default behaviour, however this can be disabled if required.
  • Configuration via environment variables or config file is possible, thus making it safer to manage your API key value(s).


[email protected]:~$ pip install solaredge-interface

Read the full documentation with usage details and examples at -