Tools and Packages

We are often creating tools and packages that are useful and helpful to others, here is a collection of the ones we like.

ARP Witch

A modern arpwatch tool with JSON formatted oututs and easy options to exec commands when network changes are observed. Optionally integrates with ouilookup to insert vendor data if available.


pip install arpwitch

OUI lookup

A console tool and Python library for looking up hardware MAC addresses in the OUI list from


pip install ouilookup


xmlcrudy provides a CRUD(+upsert) like shell interface for manipulating XML files.

Usage example - update the value of an xpath in the file /conf/config.xml

. /path/to/
xmlcrudy /conf/config.xml update "//gateways/gateway_item[contains(name,'public4gw')]/gateway" ""

AWS local-instancedata

This tool is a simple /bin/sh tool that uses curl (*nix) or fetch (BSD) to walk the AWS instancedata from and create a local copy of that data.

Usage example - make a local copy of the AWS instance data at /var/lib/cloud/instance/instance-data


Digital Ocean API Query

A simple bash tool issuing queries to Digital Ocean returning JSON data that can be easily pipe-chained through JQ to obtain required data. Plays well with Terraform.

Usage example - obtain a list of Digital Ocean droplets in your account

digitalocean-api-query droplets | jq .droplets[].id

SSH knownhost

A dead-simple bash tool for safely adding known fingerprints for SSH servers. Originally created to close-the-loop in automation scenarios that pull code from AWS CodeCommit repositories.

Usage example - add the known ssh-fingerprint to the ./ssh/known_hosts if the remote host matches

ssh-knownhost 3lBlW2g5xn/NA2Ck6dyeJIrQOWvn7n8UEs56fG6ZIzQ >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

CakePHP Autocache Plugin

CakephpAutocachePlugin is a CakePHP 2.x Plugin that makes query caching as easy as adding a 'autocache'=>true condition to your Model query - CakePHP is now beyond release v3.6 however this Plugin is still in broad use among legacy 2.x based CakePHP web-apps.

CakePHP Emogrifier Plugin

CakephpEmogrifierPlugin is a CakePHP 2.x Plugin that makes of using Emogrify on your HTML output easy. Very helpful for rendering HTML emails in a way that is consistient among browsers and web-mail clients.