Retirement Yard

Projects come, and some projects go. Here are some older projects looking for a new lease of life with expressions of interest from people like you.

Time Stamp Verify

Time Stamp Verify, Time Stamp Notary and Time Lapse Verify are a suite of three services to provide signed timestamps for digital objects. At the core of the service is a system that regularly creates a message with a block of recently requested data-object sha256-digests, appends this with the sha256-digest of the previous, then signs the resulting output and passes it as an attachment through a rotating list of third-party, well-established email providers. Because modern email providers all sign and system-timestamp these messages via DKIM it becomes possible for third-parties to independently verify timestamps and their associated hash-chains.

This project could take two equally interesting paths, (a) simply re-tool to make use of a modern block-chain framework (eg Ethereum) to facilitate signing mechanism or (b) continue the service to provide the service as-is and develop integration end-points for common block-chain systems to provide independent time certification. If you have an interest in Time Stamp get in contact to discuss.


Search Burn

Search Burn started life as a simple PHP library to interface programmatically with Google Alerts and evolved into a full-blown API driven service. As the Google Alerts service itself evolved the results from it have become less accurate, timely or useful which has impacted Search Burn and the results available.

This project needs to be re-tooled to take a data-poll/data-pull approach rather than the callback-listen/data-push approach that it was conveniently able to rely on. If you have an interest in Search Burn get in contact to discuss.


Asset Geo Manage

Asset Geo Manage is yet-another system for managing GPS tracking devices typically mounted on vehicles or other mobile equipment. These systems are plentiful however few of them deal with the requirements of larger operators needing to manage projects, fleets, locations, user-logins, user-permissions and alerts.

This project needs a commercial sponsor to bring it back to life. If you have an interest in Asset Geo Manage get in contact to discuss.