Marketplace Monitoring

Our Marketplace Monitoring platform is well-suited to sellers on the main retail marketplaces, Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. The platform is designed to regularly poll marketplaces of interest to you and generates easy to read and navigate reports to help you mange your marketplace position and placement.

Of note, is the ability to generate templated documents to assist with delivering consistent, uniform communication to sellers and the marketplace operator.

If you have an interest in monitoring the marketplace(s) you are selling into, or require assistance in managing and monitoring your marketplace presence for competition, pricing, fraud or fakes get in contact.

NB: Screenshots below are redacted of customer data and information.

Market Monitor is broken down into monitor types, with new types available at customer request.

Market Monitor Reports clearly show the current status of other products and allows you to generate documents based on your templates.

Market Monitor leverages Google Docs to manage the templates and the generated documents you create.

Market Monitor makes it easy to review the status/position of your monitors at a previous point in time.

Access to Market Monitor is by private arrangement, if you have in interest or would like us to manage your marketplace presence, get in contact, you’ll hear back from a real human.