HIBP Downloader

Tool to efficiently download a local copy of the pwned password hash data from the very awesome HIBP pwned passwords api-endpoint using multiprocessing, async-processes, local-caching, content-etags and http2-connection pooling to make things as fast as (seems) Pythonly possible


A modern arpwatch replacement with JSON formatted outputs and easy options to exec commands (eg nmap) when network changes are observed


Helper utility to create shell aliases to easily set collections of environment variables often with secret values from a variety of data-sources and data-formats

Autossh plugin for OPNsense

The Autossh plugin for OPNsense is a wrapper for the autossh system-package that allows for establishing persistent reliable reverse SSH tunnels with remote hosts. It can be used to solve a wide range of connection challenges through the use of TCP port-forwards.

Configuration Sync for OPNsense

Configuration Sync (configsync) is an OPNsense plugin designed to one-way synchronize the OPNsense system configuration .xml files to an (S3 compatible) cloud-storage provider. Actions for configsync are automatically triggered by an OPNsense syshook-config event.

ElasticSearch Kibana CLI

ElasticSearch Kibana CLI (eskbcli) provides a shell interface to query an ElasticSearch backend via the Kibana frontend which is useful in situations where the ElasticSearch backend is not otherwise accessible

FauxAPI for pfSense

A REST API interface for pfSense 2.3.x, 2.4.x, 2.5.x to facilitate devops, plus a set of client libraries that hence make programmatic access and management of pfSense hosts for devops tasks possible

Digital Ocean Droplet Terraform Module

Terraform module to create a Digital Ocean Droplet using Terraform with desirable additional features

Solaredge Interface

The SolarEdge Interface provides both a command-line interface and a Python module interface to interact with the SolarEdge API service

Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter provides both a command-line interface and a Python module interface to receive data from a variety of digital multimeters

Phish Tracker

Quick utility to manage sets of phishing links making it easier to track the progress of removal over time

Philippines Data Mashup

Mashup of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) 2015 census data and Google geocode data