A modern arpwatch replacement with JSON formatted outputs and easy options to exec commands when network changes are observed -


Helper utility to create shell alias commands to easily set collections of environment variables often with secret values from a variety of data-sources and data-formats -

ElasticSearch Kibana CLI

ElasticSearch Kibana CLI (eskbcli) provides a shell interface to query an ElasticSearch backend via the Kibana frontend which is useful in situations where the ElasticSearch backend is not otherwise accessible -

FauxAPI for pfSense

A REST API interface for pfSense 2.3.x, 2.4.x, 2.5.x to facilitate devops, plus a set of client libraries that hence make programmatic access and management of pfSense hosts for devops tasks possible -

Phishing Tracker

Utility to manage sets of phishing links making it easier to track their removal progress over time -

Terraform Modules

Collection of Terraform modules primarily for OPNSense and Digital Ocean -


PyVBoxManage is a wrapper tool around VBoxManage that facilitates the orchestration of VBoxManage commands from a simple YAML configuration file that matches the input opts/args for VBoxManage -

Solaredge Interface

The SolarEdge Interface provides both a command-line interface and a Python module interface to interact with the SolarEdge API service -

Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter provides both a command-line interface and a Python module interface to receive data from a variety of digital multimeters -

Philippines Data Mashup

Mashup of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) 2015 census data and Google geocode data -