hibp-downloader is a CLI tool to efficiently download a local copy of the pwned password hash data from the very awesome HIBP pwned passwords api-endpoint using all the good bits; multiprocessing, async-processes, local-caching, content-etags and http2-connection pooling to make things as fast as is Pythonly possible.


  • Easily resume interrupted download operations into a –data-path without re-clobbering api-source.
  • Only download hash-prefix content blocks when the source content has changed (via content ETAG values); thus making it easy to periodically re-sync when needed.
  • Ability to directly query for compromised password values from the data in-place; efficient enough to attach a service with reasonable loads.
  • Ability to generate a single text file with in-order pwned password hash values, similar to PwnedPasswordsDownloader from the HIBP team.
  • Per prefix file metadata in JSON format for easy data reuse by other tooling if required.




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pip install [--upgrade] hibp-downloader


Plenty more documentation and examples here -


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