Wrote a digital multimeter CLI tool (and Python module) to read an old Digitech QM1538 multimeter sold by Jaycar, Australia. This was a weekend-project that started with a scratchy old data-sheet that described the serial-protocol used by this thing. I’d not written a serial-protocol decoder before and the tool would make my digital-multimeter usable via Linux and accessible remotely via SSH which is what I really wanted in this case.

It turns out that the underlying chipset (Fortune FS9721) used by this multimeter is rather common among other digital multimeters too, so the CLI and accompanying Python module should work for a whole host of other digital multimeters out there -

  • Digitech - QM1538
  • Digitek - DT4000ZC
  • PCE - PCEDM32
  • Tecpel - DMM8062
  • TekPower - TP4000ZC
  • UniTrend - UT30A
  • UniTrend - UT30E
  • UniTrend - UT60E
  • Voltcraft - VC820
  • Voltcraft - VC840

The Python module is written to accommodate new digital-multimeter protocols. If you happen to implement another digital-multimeter protocol please do send a merge request - happy days.

Wrote some pretty documentation too - digital-multimeter.readthedocs.io


[email protected]:~$ pip install digital-multimeter